Released: INVINCIBLE Album

October 2021

INVINCIBLE  is a collection of Adult Alternative Pop/Rock oriented songs that represent two years of work for the band and is now released!!!.

The Blue Dolphins have been honored with the collaboration of drummer Edoardo Tancredi and keyboardist Arlan Oscar.



The Blue Dolphins Duo Victoria & Alfonso Walk in the Sun


Pop rock electric go getters The Blue Dolphins are a Los Angeles, California-based songwriting duo composed of singer/songwriter Victoria C. Scott and two-time Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas. They have been hard at work writing and recording for their new EP release "Walking In the Sun" as well as preparing for upcoming shows and touring and much more that the duo themselves took the time to discuss these said plans.

VS - Victoria Scott
AR - Alfonso G.Rodenas

1. You guys are from sunny California so then your name, The Blue Dolphins must refer to the ocean life that is California or you have a thing for Dolphins?

AR: You are right! The name reflects the goodness and the laid back charm of the way of life in Southern California but also our affinity with this beautiful ocean creature that for us represents all that is good and kind in creation.

VS: The name came up before we had formed the band. We really liked the sound of it but we didn't realize its significance till we started living and creating with it.

2. So does this mean that your band mascot is the obvious a Dolphin? "The Blue Dolphin"?

AR: Yes, why not? The dolphins represent for us mother Earth, our connection with her. It is so joyful and exciting for everybody who’s watching when they jump out of the water and you see them surfing the waves. It is a Universal positive feeling.

VS: LOL… we’ll stay away from the literal mascot as a visual for a logo, but the dolphins are definitely the totem animal of the band.

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ARTISTS you should know: The Blue Dolphins

The eclectic, Los Angeles based pop-rock duo, The Blue Dolphins, are releasing an EP, Walking In the Sun. The EP is a prelude for the band’s upcoming sophomore full-length album, Come On, which is expected to be released in the fall.

The Blue Dolphins are comprised of Alfonso Rodenas, a two-time Grammy Award winner engineer and the lead vocalist, Victoria Scott. The duo are filled with talent and exude a certain charm that is bound to captivate you. Since Rodenas and Scott formed the band in 2010, The Blue Dolphins debuted their first full-length album, My Favorite Word is Today and went on gigs over the next two years in their hometown, California and throughout Western Europe; gaining them a dedicated fan base in the U.S., U.K. and Spain.

Their debut, My Favorite Word is Today was a more intimate album with a stripped down production of acoustic instruments and emotionally honest vocals. It was an expressive blend of eclectic, pop and folk with exotic sounds such as Bossa Nova and many other genres. They continued to showcase their ability to write warm melodies and heartfelt lyrics with energetic, upbeat vocal harmonies that brought their songs and songwriting to new life with their 2013 EP, In Between. This EP was a stepping stone that delivered just a hint of what to expect from Walking In the Sun and Come On.

Walking in the Sun EP will give you the California feels. The songs express an imagery of the scenery with memorable melodies, complex guitar solos, amazing vocal harmonies and uplifting lyrics. The EP embraces a variety of genres including folk, pop and roots-rock with the duo’s optimistic, charming ways. This album exhibits a growth within the band; the sound and lyrics are richer in this album than their previous albums.

The first song of the album, “Walking in the Sun” is a fun, catchy summer love tune. It is infectious and will make you even more eager for the summer to come. The Blue Dolphins give off this summer love vibe as they sing,

“I'm walking on the beach with my baby
Everybody is having a good time
Sipping on a rose margarita
Watching las amigas passing by
I love to be with you all the summer
Swimming in the light of your eyes” – ‘Walking in the Sun’ lyrics

With beautiful melodies and an uplifting mood, The Blue Dolphins have provided us with original, splendid, quality music we can relate to. To learn more and stay up to date on the charismatic band, The Blue Dolphins, you can visit them on their websites: and/or Facebook.

Ashleyan Lopez, AXS Contributor. 

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