A Message of Peace from LA to Valencia

valencia international alfonsoA message from Alfonso G. Rodenas, the Valencian sound engineer who has won two Grammy awards and now lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Dear friends and family:

I want to get you to participate in our Blue Dolphins’ song “Peace in the World”.

This is our small, humble contribution to Peace in the World in these times we are living in and on a day when we all commemorate the 12th anniversary of September the 11th.

Please listen to the song through this link ( https://soundcloud.com/thebluedolphins/peace-in-the-world ) and share the peace and love with each other that this song proclaims.

Lots of Love from The Blue Dolphins to you all.

Peace and Love to the World!

Alfonso G. Rodenas

P.S.: Also, I forgot to mention previously that we are presently working on a beautiful new collection of songs that we hope you like, some of them can be listened to here: ( https://soundcloud.com/thebluedolphins ).

Please “like us” on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thebluedolphins and visit our website: www.Thebluedolphins.net

Thank you so much!

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