Soon to be Released: INVINCIBLE Album

Due 2020

INVINCIBLE  is a collection of Adult Alternative Pop/Rock oriented songs that represent two years of hard work for the band and is due to be released some time in 2020.

The Blue Dolphins have been honored with the collaboration of drummer Edoardo Tancredi and keyboardist Arlan Oscar.



The Blue Dolphins

Creativity during COVID in The Malibu Magazine

Writer Barbara Burke included The Blue Dolphins in her inspired article in The Malibu Magazine about creative expression during the COVID lock down. The article includes film makers, publishers, photographers, Art Curators, landscape painter Barbara Freund and none other than Richard Gibbs, keyboardist for American new wave band Oingo Boingo all working in the Malibu area. Enjoy! Just click on the logo below to read it. 

Malibu Magazine


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